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This is a great question and this is a simple answer that is often overlooked. Illusion can be done completely transparent that is. But often the illusion is not transparent at all. This is the case with our mind. We are constantly making up illusions in our mind and this is not always transparent. For example as I said earlier if you do a mental act, in fact an invisible mental act may happen that is not an illusion or even in fact an active physical act at all. One is actually moving.

You are simply experiencing a state of being that you do not consciously perceive. This is called visual illusion. When you say “I am moving I am moving I am moving”:

You are aware of movement.
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You are aware of your internal state, in a relaxed state and you are feeling that you are being able to move. However as you move the movement does not happen. You are aware of this. This is the visual illusion. One is aware of movement but is not experiencing it.

Then you move the mind to go to another place, someplace else, some place else and in an attempt your visual illusions and so on, you attempt to make the illusion of movement occur and for that you are seeing an illusion and not the movement.

However it is because you are not consciously aware of movement that it may be a visual illusion.

Sometimes your senses are blocked and so your mind blocks your senses so that you feel that movement but you are not aware of it. You may even go to another place after being here the whole time feeling the same.

How do illusions stay “real”?

The basic principle is that when one performs an action that is not one’s own actions, it is not an illusion. For example if you do not move your body you may be seeing yourself moving or not moving, in all senses. This is not an illusion.

However if you perceive something or someone other than yourself doing something, it may be an illusion. The same is true of mental acts that are not your own mental acts. Sometimes it is your own mental act that is not you as you cannot see yourself doing anything.

This is often because you are doing a mental act out of a false belief. In that case what is the real action? The mental act is not you. That seems clear, we say, but if someone else is doing it, is it truly you doing it? Or is it a mental action that you have done,

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