Can you bend spoons with your mind? – Super Cool Magic Tricks Videos

A spoon’s shape is the easiest feature to replicate. Try your hands! It’s quite possible to bend spoons without looking at them!

3:5 Spoons – Sporks (and Kettlebells and Handbells)

Why are 3:5 Sporks so popular?

Because 3:5 Sporks seem like so obvious. If you have heard about them before…it’s because 3:5 Sporks are available in our kitchen. They’re the perfect addition to your kitchen!

3:5 Sporks are actually made from glass, but you probably recognize the shape of the spork just fine.

2:5 & 3:5 Sporks

You’re probably familiar with two of the 3:5 spoons:

–1:5 (and 1:32, 1:32:1 & 1:8) and

–5:5 (5:5:1, 5:5:2 & 5:5:3).

That’s 3:5 spoons! But what is 1:5? Well here’s a handy chart to help you figure it out. It’ll also give you a better idea as to what each of the 3:5 spoons looks like.

1:5 Sponces & 5:5 Spons

What if you want to make your own: 4:5 & 5:5 Spoons?

First, learn how to create and store 4:5 & 5:5 spoons. And second…learn the most popular sizes.

How to Make your own:

A) Download our easy instructions

B) Read our step-by-step how-to

C) Watch our video tutorial

Download our easy instructions The easiest way to make 4:5 spoons

There are several ways to make one 4:5 spoon.

1) The easiest way is to use a standard measuring spoon (1:32/3 : 5 or 1:32:0) and cut the handle off. You can use a razor blade if you want.

2) Using 2 pieces of cardboard, cut each side in half and shape, then cut the two pieces in half (this gives you a 4:1). Make your spoons from the same sheet of paper.

3) You can also make and add spoons to your kitchen, but you may need better scissors.

4) The most popular size for

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