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The first real question on the list comes up before the end of the first season, with the cast of the show discussing whether or not they will be able to make it past season five. (4:08)

What do you know about YouTube’s most shared videos in the U.S.? (17:57)

What do you think of the “toxic culture” of online trolls? (28:04)

How do you like playing “Chaos War”? (29:53)

After the discussion, the cast of the popular TV series talk about how YouTube’s role in the show has changed over three seasons in its second season, which premieres this year on Hulu and Comedy Central and is available for streaming on YouTube.

How has the “Chaos War” story evolved as you’ve gone through the fourth season?

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Sophie’s mom says, “You should make it two, three seasons. It’s too long. Now we know the story more, it doesn’t require as much buildup.” That was my original plan. And then we had to make a bigger commitment and be able to write all those seasons and a movie. So… we’re going two, three years from now because we wanted to do something a little more substantial. And what we’ve done is we’ve found this wonderful team of writers that have the depth on YouTube. They’re not just creating content, they’re really writing the stories. They’re really writing the scripts and they’re writing the scripts with real intensity, real emotion. And as soon as they’re done with one, or two, or three, they’re already writing the next one. So it’s really grown out of the writers’ room, and so there’s a real sense of it. It’s grown out of the creative process within the writers’ room, and the whole creative team for that matter has just grown in that sense, with some of the best people to have been working together on this.

What’s happening on a given day and week, and with a particular YouTube star?

There are seven or eight channels who work on their own. That’s how we find them. Each one is really different. There’s some videos that are a bit more, a kind of “jokes, news, humor” type. Some videos and some videos that are a little more serious and you could actually tell that these are creators who may live in other parts of

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