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“You know, my dad is a dwarf. He used to run a mine until it ran out of stuff to mine.”

–Gurney Krustington, referring to how his people lost their ancestral home and lost the means of paying off the debts

When the Imperium’s armies were fighting off the Orks in the Great Crusade, some Dwarfen mercenaries were brought to the Battle of Kasturi, where they fought valiantly, only to be wiped out with terrible loss. As a result, the Dwarfen clan was broken apart. Some, like Gurney Krustington, still lived, living on Kasturi as a small community by a ruined monastery. Others were forced to flee. Eventually, in the years that followed, Gurney Krustington founded the Orkish colony colony known as Sharn in hopes of keeping them all together.

Gurney Krustington was one of the heroes that fought the Tyranid threat that struck the Imperium and, as part of his work helping rebuild a dying Imperium, he was called upon by the Emperor and his Space Marines to form a new Imperial Guard regiment. To prove his worth to a new recruit, Krustington led a squad of Dwarfen soldiers into the heart of Tarsus. During the battle, Krustington was killed in some sort of ambush, but in the process his body was preserved in the stench of decaying Skaven flesh and he is one of the few surviving Orks to have a remains of his body.

Notable [ edit ]

Wounded in battle [ edit ]

After defeating the Chaos hordes, the Orks returned them to their homeworld of Tarsus by force. It was here that the Dwarfen mercenaries were taken prisoner and executed by the Orks, with Krustington acting as a prisoner-slain. Eventually, Krustington was found by his old clanmate Gurney, who had escaped from the Tarsus prison facility. Gurney had tried to escape from the Imperial fortress to seek assistance from Gurney’s clan for the Orks who were in the fortress complex, but Gurney found Krustington instead. As he tried to flee the Imperials, he was shot in the chest, killing him instantly. After that

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