What is a selfie ring light? – How To Become A Successful Videographer

Proprietary and specialised equipment means the LEDs inside each selfie camera are used to flash different colours over a span of up to 200 milliseconds. Each of these flash colours is then programmed into the light intensity at the corresponding finger of the camera, so a user can select what they want or are encouraged to take, like a digital flash with a flash of different colours.

What are they like?

They use lasers to illuminate the sensor. A blue beam is used to flash the light when you have taken a selfie, and light up a red area on the sensor when you have left the scene to do something else, like walk out of a doorway.

They work best in sunny conditions, but a range of temperature can be controlled so you can take selfies in the sun without blinding yourself.

What would the point of them be if they didn’t work?

They provide an extra safety factor by making it possible for more people to take selfies with a flash that’s not obvious and the lights are less harsh on your eyes. Plus it’s super easy to use and easy to turn on and off too.

Will it be cheaper than a regular flash?

Probably not. But there’s a lot of potential to make it cheaper than the current standard. It’s unlikely to be more than a fraction of the cost of traditional flash.

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Who might use them

If you are a designer and you want more than just a flash for your digital camera, a selfie ring light is an affordable way to add a few extra options. It could be used alongside the smartphone’s flash in a creative approach that you think of when you think of creating something cool.

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