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The good news is that it may not take off at once, but I believe this is just the way the technology is going.

That is: The cameras, whether it’s a laptop, iPad or anything else, are going to get cheaper over time, allowing for bigger displays that are more efficient overall. For this I’m pretty happy.

The downsides? Well there are of course the inherent problems with the technology itself, but there are also the costs associated with being an independent contractor — I can’t see many employees using video recordings as the basis for hiring an employee out of the blue, nor can I imagine having to be in control of the recording at all times and having to get on a plane to wherever it is you’re recording what you filmed over.

All of this means that I’m guessing most people won’t be interested in buying a camera at an astronomical amount of money, but it will help with the technology, and I’m glad this type of thing is getting cheaper over time as well.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has approved a plan by Canadian company Equifax Inc. to settle consumer cases and put its breach of consumers’ information on a more sustainable footing.

In a consent order made public Thursday, the S.E.C. said Equifax and its new owner, Ocwen Financial Group Inc., agreed to pay $2.2 billion and set aside $3.25 billion for a potential class settlement.

U.S. regulators said the company’s plans to settle cases have been finalized and the consent order was approved as an option to pursue the remaining cases. They noted that there could be additional cases that could require class certification.

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The decision follows the company’s announcement on Oct. 20 that it had discovered the breach of information after a security breach in June, as well as the announcement it had hired security firm Kaspersky Lab to investigate the intrusion.

“Equifax understands the importance that consumers place on their privacy and would like to thank the S.E.C. for its support in bringing this matter to a close,” CEO Richard Smith said in a statement on Thursday.

“We remain focused on strengthening our identity protection capabilities, maintaining the highest degree of customer trust, and delivering enhanced cybersecurity services.”

The S.E.C. said that Equifax “is satisfied that, based on the terms of this proposed consent order, it has satisfied

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