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What’s the best solution when both cameras are at the same angle? Let us know.

What if I need a different angle of video recording?

Many of our customers record video without using a tripod. You can make your video easier to watch and listen to by mounting an umbrella to your video lens instead of a tripod.

Do I need to use all four cameras?

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee all people record in the same orientation. But we do what we can to ensure that the view of each camera is the same.

When I start shooting video, how long should I wait for the data from each camera?

When you do start recording video you should wait no longer than a few seconds. This gives the most effective video frame rate you can get out of the available camera settings.

Do I need to rotate the camera?

Yes. You’ll probably need to move the camera slightly to get the longest frame rate.

If my video camera is set into a landscape orientation, can I still have full vertical video?

Yes. Vertical video is the same for camera A and does give full vertical video.

Do I need to rotate and pan my camera?

No. Vertical video is also possible (some models do not work at all in this regard).

Do I need to get the camera angle and orientation?

Yes. You will probably need to get both in order to get the most helpful video frame rate.

We offer an in depth tutorial on how to obtain the best angles possible.

Why are some of the video clips not on YouTube?

Sometimes YouTube is the best source of video for a subject. We take care not to use any videos that infringe on copyrighted material. We also take care to remove any content that infringes on copyright. See other videos from our clients in our YouTube Channel.

What’s the deal with that weird looking vertical video (and why is that part of it missing from the original video?)

We’ve created what we call “vertical looping” to reduce the video frame rate and get a cleaner image. This makes the video clip look cleaner and more beautiful.

How do I make this?

We recommend you create the Vertical Looping with the following steps:

Right-click and select “Add New”

Select the “PNG” or “IMG” format from the dropdown menu (depending on what format

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