How much money does 1 million YouTube views make? – Videography Bootcamp

If you’re a brand who doesn’t do well on search traffic as defined by Google, it’s probably not a big win to have a million YouTube views. But if SEO (search engine optimization) and video marketing are important, you can still sell an audience at a significant margin through social advertising and, more important, affiliate marketing.

To put it more straightforwardly, a YouTube channel of one million subscribers can earn a 10% commission (and a little more) from each sale of their video, whether it is an affiliate video or not. (For perspective, that’s roughly equivalent to the annual commission that any professional online marketer gets on an average web sales transaction.)

Let’s take a look at it.

10% commission

A lot can happen in 12 hours. You might have a day where you sell a million views, but it could also be like you’re stuck on YouTube one day with a big sales spike.

At that point, take off those SEO pants and take a breath — it’s almost over. Take a look at your YouTube page on your website. You probably see a lot of the same three main categories, so you’re good to go.

Take a look at the traffic stats. What’s actually happening on your video page? A lot of those visitors probably don’t visit a page at all.

Let’s turn the page up to the next level and see how they’re viewing the video.

Look for an item to “Follow” in the sidebar to make sure you’re adding some value. If you’re not, it could be time to add some more value. Remember, if you’re going to be generating commissions, the audience is going to be watching your videos.

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Once you’ve added some value to your page or YouTube channel, you want to figure out if you should continue on that path, or go forward to do some retargeting or re-targeting.

A lot of people think of retargeting as a long-tail strategy. However, in social media terms, it may be a long-tail strategy with a very narrow target.

So for example, if you’re creating videos and then running your site (or business) on that video, you’ll want to use Google Adwords to promote your site to that user group (like a brand, business or even your personal Facebook page).

The question is: when to do that?

That depends on what kind of

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