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To get a more objective view, I have compiled some of the best salaries for videographers across the Internet.”

I don’t find it difficult to find an amazing hourly rate to shoot a short and still get paid. We all make money making an art form. So don’t take anything I say to be gospel, you can always find a better deal elsewhere. However, there are ways to make some extra cash that you probably won’t think of.
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#1: The First Time

“The time you spend setting up your camera is the most important time of the day, as it allows you to plan a shoot and ensure all your gear, lighting and location are all on point. If you choose to have your own spot light, a professional may charge a small amount to install and set up. Be wary of any spot or strobe lights, unless you have all your shots captured.”

I found this quote at the excellent Travel Writer’s Blog: “The first photography of your trip or assignment in any particular place can be very important. Do you have a great photo on your phone, but no way to use it? Get on camera to make it good. If you are going to spend a lot of time shooting on the street or the sidewalk, you want to capture the scene with great quality. Take time finding and photographing the best angle; make sure you capture a great shot before putting the camera down.”

The best way to improve on first time photographers is to have someone to show you the gear and make sure everything is all on point. You might be surprised by what you find.

Another site I found that covers this topic is The Travel Photographer’s Site Blog. In fact, they include a ton of great advice on photography and videography.

#2: You Have to Understand the Location

“The first thing you should consider when working as a videographer is not only where you would like to shoot but what type of location you would want to use. This information is critical to your decision to come in on camera. Know what the weather would be and know if you would encounter a high concentration of people or people of different types of clothing. Be sure there are no roadblocks and no unexpected obstacles, such as the side of a building or a bridge. This way you can control your camera exposure and ensure you are shooting within your limit without having to be distracted by the weather, people, or other obstacles. Know your surroundings and know your camera will be safe and

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