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The following is a breakdown of exactly how much the Michael Jackson Scream Video cost.

Michael Jackson Scream Video cost $1,000,000

The Scream Video cost roughly $1 million to make. Of course, because Michael Jackson was the most successful act on the planet, this cost likely wasn’t all that high of an expense. A lot of the cost had to do with Michael Jackson’s fame and a lot of that celebrity came with a hefty price tag.

However, the Scream Video does have certain advantages. For example, the Scream Video was the first music video to feature Michael Jackson’s live performance. That was an enormous undertaking at the time, as live performances couldn’t be filmed, and there is little footage of the performance in its entirety. If you’re not up to date on this, you can read about the creation of the first Michael Jackson album (which didn’t even include any live performances), watch the first live performance of “Dangerously in Love,” and read about how Michael used this “live” performance to promote his album, Dangerous. To put that in perspective, the first Michael Jackson Album was released on the 20th of November, just days before the Scream Video, which made it a significant expense. And it was worth it, as the Scream Video is an iconic example of an act taking the music world by storm.

Michael Jackson Scream Video cost $1 million

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So why does Michael Jackson cost nearly $1 million to make? For one thing, he was the most famous performer on the planet and this meant he would also be involved in media coverage, something that was extremely rare at the time. It would also mean he had to go to the extent of creating a website, producing several videos, and a soundtrack of videos including one that included his voice. All this cost a big chunk of change, and for the second point is not a particularly easy one to estimate. It is easy to figure out that the cost of the video was higher than the cost of filming the video itself, because that was the point where the entire campaign would have had to be put together. For instance, the Scream Video would have covered the production of the website by itself before the recording session, so the total cost was quite an impressive $500,000 to make the video. However, it may be reasonable to estimate the costs of the website, videos, and the soundtrack at around $300,000. For a site that has only been on the web since 2003, this is extremely

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