How do you record a video? – Learn Videography In 5 Days

When you record a video, you want to take your best shot. Record at the right aperture while still capturing the subject(s) which are right in front of you. It is better not to record a whole video because you will only create a lot of grain and noise. To capture video clearly, use the Zoom function. When you zoom in, the image becomes softer and less sharp. Zoom out, the image becomes sharper and the noise less noticeable. If you want to get the detail in your video, use your lens’ zoom function to make the video clearer. It is best not to change the camera while recording. This is where your smart phone’s recorder comes into action.

What if I’m being recording audio?

You can choose to record your audio in separate files and share them with your friends or share them with the people who have recorded this video.

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This is the list of games we play to play games. Games are sorted by release date and we add more games as I feel they are more interesting and should get in here.

To be clear, this is not a list of the “best games of all time”. It is a list of the games people play to play games.

The games on here also include many titles which I did not have the time or desire to play, but I still enjoyed playing.

We will be updating this list throughout the year to try to keep it up to date.

Please feel free to add games to the list and we will do our best to include them!

In 2014, we will be releasing a special issue of the gaming website which will feature reviews from games, reviews of games, and articles about games from a gaming perspective.

In this edition we will look at games which are more personal or social.

You can see the first issue of the gaming website, which will focus on personal and social games, HERE

A note on reviews in this article.

I don’t want to be unfair and say that all games that get reviewed are bad. But I also don’t want to show that games that do well on a review site are bad games and that games that don’t receive reviews for their personal gameplay are bad games.

My goal here is to show that games that are good on review sites are still great games.

Our criteria for this list is that we

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