How do you record a video? – Blue Shooting

I use my mobile phone. I love to start with a video. Then I can do a bunch like an edit at the end of the video and some sound effects or a guitar riff. Then I will put that in a separate file. I have a little folder on my computer called “videos”.

How do you edit your music videos?

For the music, I am using Sound Forge Pro (the Pro Edition) which I find to be a really nice program. For the first 10 minutes of the video I make a blank video but after that I make a few different versions of the music. That gives me three different versions for each song. That way if someone changes the song at the last minute I don’t have to recreate it again. Once I get everything just right I will create a final edit like normal video editing.

The next thing is to add the audio to the video to match the video and sound at the same time – something about the way the video is shot that I get to add. For that you really have to have a good sense of audio composition. The video is just a snapshot into the moment. My approach is to use a slow motion, soft focus, sound track in the video. The video is shot one second at a time and so in one frame it’s an audio snapshot into the moment.

The third thing to note is that I don’t create the audio the same way I created the video. The music is very different from a video, you can hear it in the music as well. I use the video as the base and then use a sound track to create the music from as I go along, sometimes I will re-create an original sample to match how I was trying to go about creating the sound.

For other music videos like my recent single “Falling To Pieces”, I made a very simple background score, a simple loop of a guitar riff, but with no backing vocals. Then for the video itself I created an old song, which I have never heard live. I started with the basic arrangement of a guitar riff along with a little loop of some drum and bass. Then by using the existing clip as a sort of template, along with a drum or bass loop and an electronic snare kick or a simple bassline, and I was good to go to start the editing. I then added a few different variations until most of the way through the video I was like, “Well, I’m not sure if I’m done with

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