How do I make a video background? – Video Production And Editing Training

To make a good video background, you’ll want to use as many black and white images as humanly possible. You can use the filters (on-screen options) or your laptop’s native camera to shoot your photos/video with. For this tutorial, we’ll be using the latter.

1. Open your Camera roll

First, open your camera roll. This will give you access to your main photo gallery.

2. Delete all your photos

You can also skip this step, and use the following settings to remove your most important files. It’ll probably be better to do so, but it’s yours!

To delete your entire photo set, click on the Edit button next to all your photos.

To delete them all, click All the images!

3. Set background color

Go back to your camera roll. You should see a drop down menu that looks something like this:

Choose a background that’s close to black. If you have several or more images, choose the lowest color, if you have smaller set ups, choose the highest color.

4. Pick an image that you can crop

Next, pick an image that you can crop to your photo collection. This step is optional, but important to avoid loss of quality (you could use the images from your camera roll to do this).

Choosing an image that has a great image ratio will result in good quality photos from your camera.

5. Adjust color saturation

As far as color saturation goes, we recommend setting it so it is between the darkest possible and lightest possible. If you have a lot of images, you can do this easily with Photoshop’s filter panel. Make the color range where your photo will appear darker by a third, then add a third.

If you don’t know how to color saturate, check out this video from the Adobe Show: Color Space article.

6. Adjust white balance

Next, adjust the white balance. When doing this, make sure your camera is calibrated to the specific sensor device the camera is used.

A simple method to do this is to adjust white balance until it matches the camera’s native settings (the settings you see in settings > display > settings).

Then, go back to the white balance image from step #1. Select the appropriate gray/green balance to make the image look like this. A little work goes into fine-tuning the white balance

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