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Why do I need to know to record sound?

You get a chance to make your own recordings. You might use them as part of a lecture or in your own lessons, or maybe for a project.

There are lots of reasons to record audio but most commonly, it helps you understand what your students are looking at; what you are saying; when they are listening to you; and more importantly, how you speak.

How do I record sound?

Once you’ve recorded the audio track onto your computer, it’s ready to record and listen to. To record sound, you will need a suitable machine, microphone, and audio-recording software (such as VST and AAX).

To get started

You can use Audacity to record sound, or you can record by hand, using your hands and a stick or pencil.

How to record sound without Audacity

Use the Audacity project to record sounds. This will include video tutorials and sound clips. The Audacity project is free and easy to use.

How to record

Go to Audacity’s preferences and choose Record As -> Open file. This will open your audio file. You will need to save the file as .wav or .mp3. When you’re done recording, export the file as MP3 file, using the right settings, and name it something descriptive.

How to record

Go to File -> Export as .wav or Export as .MP3 and browse to the file you want to export to VLC. The most popular choices are WavPack v8.2 and VST 3.0. Note that you can export a single sound, or import a wide range of sounds.

Tip: You can select tracks in the export to save as a specific track name, such as a specific sound, or tracks for an album or playlist.

How to record without VLC

Open up a file in VLC, and go to Sound -> Record. This takes the audio and converts it to a video file. You can see the video in the Playlist panel.

How to record without VLC and play sound with VLC

Open up the audio in VLC.

Select the “Playback” or “Music” section of the menu.

Select the Sound menu.

Switch to “Audio Record”, and set the volume to around 150 to 180 db.


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