Are ring lights good for video? – Documentary Film Camera Techniques

The answer is “yes.” The fact is that we’ve tried a ton of different lighting systems. We did a lot of testing with different video camera mounts, video-based control, and so on. We’ve tried to stay a bit under the radar and stay within a bit of the budget and the capability of the system. What Ring Lights did successfully is take a very cheap product and make it look very high-end.

What would you do with a good deal?

I’d love to do more videos, get more production for it, create more packages for it, and continue to make things more awesome. To make sure that there is a product that could be used for a long time.

What would you like to do with Ring Lights?

We’d like to make the product and be able to produce it at reasonable prices. What it would take is making production more affordable. At the moment, that’s not going to happen for us. It’s going to be a very expensive thing. I wouldn’t think we’re going to be able to produce any cheaper than an affordable product. If that were a reality‚Ķ it would be very expensive because there aren’t that many lights that can be made. And we’re definitely only one-third of the way there. You might as well build a camera mount that works for a little bit longer.

And you don’t think there are a lot of good cameras?

I think the quality camera companies are not that good now. We’re trying to build up the technology. Maybe a month ago we had another camera for $70. We tried it, but the build was really awful. Not only the camera, but the build quality. And the software wasn’t even built for that. So it was pretty hard to take that camera and make it work. This one works just as well, but it has a higher resolution camera as well. We have a lot more cameras.

Are you happy with the sales?

Yes. That’s not to say that we’re not happy with it. We got to do a lot of stuff and try to get the system and the lighting in there as far as they can go without making it really ugly. When we were doing the system for that first demo, the lighting and camera was just like any other camera or LED you might have used before. It was very well put together. Now it looks amazing. So it’s been good at helping show what the system is capable of

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