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Why did Tupac come up with “¡Haiti”?

In 1970, a South Central gang was arrested for shooting a 15-year-old who was sitting on a park bench. As the cops looked around, they saw a man sitting on the street and they asked if they could arrest him. He answered that he didn’t want to and walked away. This incident led to Tupac Shakur’s birthname and later the “Fuck Tha Police” slogan and video. It also led to the creation of rap itself.

I was a fan of gangster movies and even listened to a bunch of them when I was young but by far the most important was the 1971 cult movie Gangs of New York. That show is why New York got it’s own rap group, which I was the first member of.

What’s your family’s history with gangsta rap?

There was a gang of three guys on my corner in Harlem. Every morning I’d be in the backyard and we’d get called to be in at 8:15 and we always hung out up on the corner. When they was making the movie that day, they had people from the neighborhood come in to see it and they’d be very interested. So my mother started to read it, and in the end, she said something that really stuck with us as a family: “Man, you got to go back to this movie and see if you can find your name in it!”

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