How long is a beat in seconds? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Lines For Roblox

Yes. A beat is one beat of 4 seconds.

How high is 10 or 20?


What is the average temperature in a vacuum?


Is 10K an arbitrary unit of length?

No. 10K is the length of an imaginary line drawn from A to C, and therefore, if you imagine the line connecting the points where the two points are, you would get the length 10 kilometers.

When did all the planets go in their orbits, and why?

At an actual instant in time sometime around the end of 5.8 billion years ago.

What does the word “time” mean?

Time is our measure of how far apart things happen at any moment in time.

When did all the atoms in a molecule form and why?

They did so in a process called “catalyse”: the atom would emit a photon of light, say, a single photon, and the molecules would be formed.

What is the difference between a light particle and an electron?

A particle has a spin. An electron has two spin states. An electron and a photon are both called “electrons”. An electron can’t have spin; a spin is what the electron needs to make contact with anything in front of it for it to “see” it. An electron and a photon are both called “positon”, which is an entity that can’t have spin—a photon doesn’t have spin.

What is the difference between the magnetic south pole and the polar north pole at the equator?

A north pole is north of the equator. A south pole is south of the equator.

Why is the earth moving about 1 meter per second?

When a planet orbits the sun, it is traveling in an ellipse—a circle of radius equal to (1/ r )r.

Why are the orbits of the planets elliptical?

One reason is that a planet has a mass equal to its diameter squared. Another reason is that the planet rotates over its surface. (Planet Earth rotates on its axis approximately 1 degree per hour or around the sun about 25° per day.)

Why are the orbits of the planets elliptical?

It turns out that their orbits are not circular at the center of the solar system. Instead, when a planet is close enough to the sun, its angular momentum

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