What was the 1st rap song? – How Do You Start A Rap

A 1st album? 1st album was an album i didn’t even know existed. And then… i get it. And this is how it goes:

“You see her in the mirror? She’s a bitch? I’m going to burn her face in.”

No, no, that’s not how it goes. Just a bit of an exaggeration you know? Like it was really an album. Like it really was a 1st album. Like it’s a first rap song.

It’s not just an album. It’s an entire world, a whole fucking universe, a whole universe of a life that happened, that we’ve been through together, that we’ve been through together, that we’re just fucking living. That’s the biggest difference, actually, from music and art. You can have the same ideas, that’s a good enough reason, for a good movie. That’s not where the artistic end of it comes from.

And when you think of what this album is… how they put themselves out there, how they go around the world with their fans, how they give their words away, and where’s the real music? They made the first hip hop album, not a single one. They did it in 5 minutes, and that fucking song is like, “I’ll put my own song in it…” And they wrote it and recorded it in 5 minutes. A fucking great album in 5 minutes.

And then you look and see that they did it in 5 minutes, and it has all these great hooks, and you look and see how far the music has come. And you say to yourself, “You know what? It’s just a fucking song. What does it mean?” And you realize. Now you don’t believe in that same level of creativity. This is not the same level of creativity you used to have, when you were in high school, when shit got bad. No, that was like, “Well, you have to have a great story” and then you can’t, you don’t have an imagination like you used to. You have to put the shit together… it’s been done a million different ways since the fucking 80’s. It’s just a song now. It’s not about creativity now. It’s about one person’s vision.

I don’t care how good your imagination is. The only thing I really care about when it comes to creative things are ideas you can control, or a story that gets

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