What are the easiest words to rhyme with? – How To Rap On Beat

A. ‘Dry’.

B. ‘Glamour’.

C. ‘Feminism’.

D. ‘Racism’.

Tell us a funny story about your favourite word.

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A. “There was a man. He was gay. He came into a shop and asked for something. This was a time when we had ‘men’s stores’ in public. One man wanted to buy a pair of shoes. The shop keeper told him to sit down and talk to him. Then he said something like ‘What are the easy words to rhymes with’.”

B. “I used to write poems in the shower, about words. They went on forever.”

C. “My best friend’s father is from a small village in Wales, and he’d be lying about his birthplace. But he’d always tell me he lived near Llandrindod Wells. I said ‘You tell me about it, okay?”.

D. “I went to the supermarket one time to buy a piece of bread. All the doors were locked, and I couldn’t get in. So I rang the shop attendant.

In all the years, it was the same thing all the time. It was the most boring shopping day in my life, I was so tired.”

What is your favourite colour?

A. Auburn

B. Bright green

C. Orange

D. Royal blue

What is your favourite food?

A. Chicken wings

B. Spaghetti

C. Rice

D. Noodle soup

What animal do you most like?

A. A cat(no, seriously)

B. A dog

C. A duck

D. The squirrels

Which of your parents are your heroes?

A. George Lucas

B. Christopher Reeve

C. William “Hollywood” Hamilton

D. Will Ferrell.

Do you drink and smoke?

A. Yes

B. Yes

C. No

If you could write an autobiography of your life, what would you wish that person to read?

A. ‘A Story About Me’ by John McEnroe

B. The Book of Shakespeare

C. ‘The Bible’

D. ‘The Life of a Lion’ by Dory the Giraffe

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