What rhymes with G?

The most important part of this puzzle would be to find a rhyme for G, but for that we can use this link to a song by a popular German band called Fledermaus, the title track of which you can listen to on Spotify.

It’s a song about G, and it’s interesting, but one that I doubt the author of the song actually understands.

Gödel did a ton of research in search of the riddle, and found that the first thing people would look for in a riddle is the answer. There is no rhyme, no logic. So to get to the word G, we have to look at all the information we have about the song and then find out which word it is.

And so we were able to come up with the answer. Here’s the link to the song:


That’s what happens when we look at the song.

So how did they make it sound good? So here are the details for some of the instruments they used.


This is a very accurate description of what they used.
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The keyboard is a bit more sophisticated. I would say this picture shows the keyboard used. As you can see the sound it produces is a lot more dynamic than most keyboards made nowadays. The sound doesn’t sound overly crisp, but it has more depth and definition.

Here is the same demo that Björk used on her video, “Virunga” which is also about G:


It’s really amazing how they managed to produce a very complex sound using only the basic instruments, but with the right mix. It’s something like using a guitar, and only a guitar to make it sound really good,