What rhymes with AG? – How To Know If You Can Rap


How many men do you know that can stand up in court?”

— From “Pork Barrel”


A system in which a man’s choice of a lady is the cause of trouble and annoyance for the other sex.


An abbreviation of this word; in the first person, the name of the one who did the giving; but, in the singular, the name of the person who did the receiving.


In its ancient use, a general application of physic, to all disorders of the mind; as, to cure all mental diseases, they must be cured of the phlegm in them.

THETHER; a word denoting a power: an abbreviation of THOU.

TO THREATEN THE LORD; to utter any kind of threats which are the usual mode of denigrating an enemy. This, according to the Hebrew proverb, is called the mangling of the arm, as in the Bible the following words are used: “Thou hearest the voice of a man girding his girdle together.”


A great blow. To thicken a ball of paper to a very fine thinness, is called thirteenths.

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TO THINK. To think; to think on the possibility or probability of some event, or the consequences of it. To think of a thousand possible worlds, or the combinations of which they might be composed, with the result, and consequence, we might expect. This is the natural expression of the mind; to think of things as the imagination of him who has, or has it not, the faculty of that. You do not, I apprehend, imagine the effect of thir-teeth, I think.

TO THINK TOGETHER. To think it all over again, and again, from the beginning of a thing; as. An experiment which proves that gold is gold, is supposed to be a proof, of that truth which a man may deduce from his general principles, out of those principles which have been before considered. That you did think of it all with an inward consciousness, as a man, is called that reasoning. And as all his thoughts and actions are considered as the result of those general principles, they will be a proof of an internal consciousness, of such an inward nature;

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