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Why is it called indie? We don’t know. They’re trying so hard.”

“I don’t go to conventions, so why do I give the guys that run them a hard

“I feel like this is a culture war in my opinion, that I’m not involved in,” said the woman who had been taking video interviews for years and didn’t want to be identified because she worried about reprisals. “I don’t say things because I can’t stop them, I say them because I don’t want to be a person to give these comments to people.”

“I’m always open to a conversation,” said a third fan. “At the end of the day, I’m just a fan; I love Star Wars. I just love the art. There’s nothing wrong with getting upset at something. It’s not my fault that something is being done that’s not right.”

But the fans weren’t willing to give up the power to speak out when the people responsible for putting fans in the spotlight didn’t like it. At one time, the fandom was about as close as a fan community ever got to being a full-fledged fandom, complete with it’s own distinct subculture with its own quirks and rules. But it wasn’t that long ago that fans started trying to keep the fandom the same way it had been – as a bunch of hobbyists with a shared passion for a franchise that, until a few years ago, could seem distant and inconsequential. It was a sad state of affairs. A fanbase that had spent years working together as equals and sharing a common experience grew too quickly. The fans began to push themselves to the edge of what the fandom could accommodate, and that’s when the culture war began.

For a growing number of fans, the culture war had nothing to do with money, but things got really ugly.

Anime fans started creating their own websites and starting discussions on social networks like Tumblr. They started using anime-themed nicknames. One fan decided he wanted to be known simply as “Star Wars Fans.” There were people who used to “Star Wars-troll” on their sites, but now they had their own forums. Some forums were actually dedicated to harassment and death threats. There was a website dedicated to making posters look ridiculous; others were dedicated to “doxxing.” There seemed to be no end to the methods used to silence and silence the fans.

At first, the fans had little trouble

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