How much does a film director make in a year? – Best Inexpensive Cameras For Filmmaking Quotes Hard

A director generally gets about $15-16,800 per year. But there are a few factors that help you get a better sense of how much you might be able to make or save.

If you’re working with a director who is not paid a lot, you can put together an estimate.

In addition to your earnings, you can estimate your total time, expense, and talent.

Here are six things to consider when estimating your production costs:


Most of us live in the city and want to live on site; it’s the cheapest way in our mind of living outside of work and school.

So to start with, we’ll figure that your movie cost will be around $2,000 to $3,000 per month. This includes everything except for food and gas.

Food should be $1 a month for the rent. But, here’s the problem: how do you figure that out?

Most likely, you will take some guesswork into this. But how much will you take into that $1 monthly estimate? You’re not just taking the rent in one night and figuring it out the next night – you’re also taking money out from your regular income.

Enter Expenses

Let’s compare what you can expect to pay for food to what you’re paying for the crew and crew members.

Assuming you can pay those expenses from your savings up through the film, the total of this cost will be $4-5,000 per month. This includes $1,000 in rent and $2,000 for food and gas.

But we have a problem! How much is a day that you drive to the set, feed the crew, and set up all that equipment?

Most of the crew members are working for less than $3 an hour. So if you drive around shooting a few days, you’ve paid $1500 for food and gas! But that’s on a minimum of 7 days of shooting a month. So, you have to think about how you’re going to spend that to get to shooting. This isn’t so much you need to live the life the crew is living, but the expenses that you want to be making so the production doesn’t run out of money.


Most of us have some idea of the sort of equipment and sets we’d like to include in a good film. So let’s say you decide to get a crew who

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