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What makes a film a success is the ability to sell to the audience. To take a movie that people have made and to have a person sit down and say, ‘Can this be made bigger? Can this be made better?’ is a feat that requires a huge amount of work on a very creative level. You have to have an audience that is going to sit there and say ‘This is a movie worth getting excited about’ and believe in you and believe that this particular person in this particular place is going to make a film that’s going to be a hit’.

We’re trying to be as inventive as possible, to have people sit down and say, ‘You know what? I thought about this this and I am in favour of this and if you’d like the benefit of that and it’s not just a one-night stand.’ We look at the story as we would look at the story of a film – how we create the story of the film, how we connect the characters to the audience and how we create a story. Everything we do is designed to make the audience feel a story is being told. It sounds basic, but it is absolutely important.

Does producing the movie involve getting the other person involved?

If we’re lucky enough to take that chance on our own, or if we find a writer who can write it we can be in a bit of a world of our own as we write a script. We don’t necessarily have to agree on many things to do that movie that are important to the character, or the situation at hand. We can come to a very different way of presenting one another, that can only be good.

How do you determine who to work with?

There might be a lot of creative people but what I look for in every actor is somebody who understands the story we’re going to tell, that they understand the world we’re going to go into. Who can understand that film and feel that same passion. There are certain things to know about the character to be able to take on the role, but the most important thing is that somebody on these two shows is able to have the same excitement and drive for this as the audience does.

Do you know that the actors who play the main characters on The Good Wife, have been offered the opportunity to appear in an upcoming movie, The Muppets?

It is a great honour and I hope they go to the movies. We’ve talked about it over the years, but

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