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What does the average movie budget look like? I’ve seen some numbers on a budget for movies like Zoolander. What is the budget of a typical movie like The Grand Budapest Hotel? What kind of movie is it? You can also search for an actor (or a movie producer if you don’t know who it is!) on IMDB (in a similar manner to what I’m going to do).

The results are interesting. The majority of the budget is for filming with actors. There are a few exceptions like The Grand Budapest Hotel and Zoolander. What’s clear is that the average movie is at least $70,000, but it’s mostly a matter of whether or not the movie has some good and bad shots. This has many implications for the movie’s overall quality. Is it more or less expensive if it has good or bad shots? I suspect it will be more expensive than a typical movie. Why? Because movies that have good shots cost more; I suspect they are of higher quality.

I think in the movie market, as I mentioned earlier, there are no-one-fits-all pricing mechanisms. Some movies are so much nicer than the others because they can use high quality cameras, special lighting, special sets, etc. Others, despite their fancy special effects, look like shit because they just don’t have the budget for the stuff. You can also just be honest about your movie. If you can’t afford it, that’s something that can be shown to your accountant for an estimate.

For example, imagine you made The Grand Budapest Hotel and you think it’s a cheap movie that will make $6,000. A $5,000 budget should help at least to save some money, right? Well, it turns out that even with a $5,000 budget you can get away with having some really shitty shots. After all, if you’ve got $5,000 and you have an average shot quality of $1,000, that means you still have $100.50 left over, so you could save by not having a super-bad shot but you can still use some bad shots to make up for it. In fact, you could save money if you don’t want to waste your $5,000.

How Much is This Really Worth?

Now, for me, I’m not really getting anywhere with these numbers. Some are pretty impressive. Zoolander is, I think, the highest grossing movie that wasn’t made by

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