What is filmmaking course? – 12 Stages Of Filmmaking

We will make a short film about filmmaking, about the development of the filmmaking industry in Japan, based on the experiences of those of us who have been living in Japan for more than six months or even longer. This course will be based on lectures given at the Japanese Language Academy at Kyoto University. The documentary films at the studio will cover subjects related to the development of the filmmaking industry in Japan. Participants will learn about the process of production as well as how filmmakers interact with each other during the filming process and post-production. The course will also cover the art of collaboration in filmmaking. Participants will not need to have knowledge of photography or film editing.

Where will the course take place?

The course will take place in Kyoto, from June 14 to August 6 and in Tokyo from September 6 to October 2.

Can the class be held in English?

The course is for Japanese speakers only. We will make it as an English-only course, but we may bring in some students who speak English to the classroom.

What will people who take the course learn?

The program will focus on four key areas: filmmaking from a Japanese perspective, collaboration between the filmmaking team and audiences, Japanese culture and the industry, and how to make documentaries at home and abroad, and what makes Japanese films unique and special.

How many students will be taking the course?

About 60 students from all over Japan are expected to take the course in total.

When will the course start?

The course will start in September.

How many credits will I receive?

The total credits for the course will be 600 points, which include a 6% credit transfer on the university level. The program is open to Japanese students who are of any age under the age of 16. A total of 600 credits will be distributed over three semesters.

How does the course differ from ordinary school courses?

There will be an introductory lecture followed by discussion in class as well as homework and project learning. The entire course will take up about a full half an hour each day.

How much is the class fee?

In total, it costs ¥8,000 (approx. US$83).

How many students can take the course?

The class for the spring semester will begin August 8, and for the summer semester will begin August 3.

Why was this program selected for this course?

For many years, the Japanese

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