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A: The craft is more important than the job because it helps to identify the talent, the quality, and the industry that attracts the best talent. That means you will never get any answers with anything less than a full-time, certified professional (CPM. CPM is also known as a CPA, CPA, CB, or CBBE.)

B: A good film school will have the best people, so your chances of getting a CPM in the next few years is going to be better than the other schools I will link to in this post.

C: A few film schools offer graduate degrees that enable them to offer certifications. There needs to be an incentive for the people who want to take these degrees, so there needs to be money involved in the program itself. CPM is a strong program because there is money involved. There are a number of other things that will keep your education and skills up to date.

D: Most film school programs provide a professional development program, which basically means they help people get new jobs and advance their careers. This is also an excellent program because you don’t need to take classes or pass exams to get the certification because the work you are doing can be used to establish your credentials. The work is used to gain a professional certification, which is a type industry recognizes as an indicator of your knowledge and experience.

E: We have three degrees that are in film:

Technical School – which I will call “technical school” for simplicity’s sake. This means you will be taught some things in class and then be tested in class. You will get an outline in the curriculum and be given some of the material. You will use a computer that looks like a video screen and be given a set of instructions and you will be given a test. You will do a series of tests and then move on to the next.

Production Supervisor – This means that you get your hands on the product and then use that knowledge to help the director make his product as great as possible to the audience. You will be on set every day to help with that process, not just on location. You may be asked to test equipment a camera may be used on as well.
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Production Associate – I called it the production associate degree. This means that you go into your work and ask questions like, “How do you make this camera and what do you put on in the camera?,” and then you work with the director to find ways to

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