What is a freelance filmmaker? – Masters In Documentary Filmmaking Styles

If you are not already familiar with the term — it’s a freelance writer who writes content as his/her full time job. Often times, it is not a lucrative gig anymore, because of the high cost of a professional studio job. However, if you have a good idea and a passion for your work, why not take the leap and go freelance? Here are my top 5 recommendations to get out of your own way.

First, don’t take the easy way out: Find a well respected site like FilmStruck.com. FilmStruck allows all content creators, from beginners to those with years of content marketing experience, to find their niche and be given work. Most importantly, they’re cheap. For instance, their “Mental Health” segment, which has been a huge hit in terms of gaining leads and building relationships with doctors, has a price tag starting at $30. Even if you’re more of a webmaster, you can use a blog in a similar way, but you will be charged an hourly rate and be charged for every customer you refer.

In terms of search engine optimization, if you’re not using Google, you’re missing out on valuable search engine optimization opportunities.

Second, if you’ve already established yourself in your niche, then consider working with that company. It may be a good idea to see what other bloggers think about your business. Check out the reviews they leave on your site. These are great opportunities to sell their services as well. You can even work with a professional editorial firm if you really fancy yourself.

Third, find your niche and try to make yourself seen in the community. In this case, it’s a good idea to go for more niche-specific blogs. For instance, you may discover that someone has a great article in the community on how to make your products look great by using different materials. If you like that way of thinking and want to share it with the world, then you can make a post at your blog about yourself trying to do that. It might look like you are a product creator instead of selling a product.

Lastly, it’s worth considering how other creators interact with you. This is important as a freelancer as you need to be able to offer your services in a professional yet fun-spirited way. In this case, you’re sure of one or both of those things by participating in forums such as reddit.

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So, get out there, have fun and make your voice heard. You might find

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