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That’s very much a question: I think that we are all very similar in terms of the way in which we make decisions and we want to do what we think is right for the film, and I think that Filmmaker is exactly the same in that regard. We are both very much very committed to what we do. We try to make a film and we want to do it right, and I think that we can make something really good out of Filmmaker and it was very similar to that at the time because it was just our idea and we were sort of working together. So we really didn’t know what it would go or where it was going or how the story would end up or what would happen in terms of what would happen in terms of that. We had very little in terms of a script, and we were not working with people with very much of a screenplay in terms of where the tone of the movie might be going. We never had that. So I would say we are very much the same in that sense.

On a positive side, does working together on the same film allow for easier collaboration with other filmmakers on projects?

Yes, definitely. We actually had, because we were all very different in terms of what we wanted to do, we actually were all able to put together projects as opposed to working with others on things, and it was fantastic that the directors that we were talking to, they were just so good at collaborating, we got lots of great ideas from all of them. Because they’re so good, you know, and they’re doing a very fine job of it. I’m not going to reveal who we had at the very beginning and now they’re all doing great work and that’s great because everyone works at their own pace and they’re really talented. I was like, “Oh, my goodness, I wish I could see more,” on some of the more recent films. But in terms of people, you know, it was great. It’s really good.

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What other influences on you, at this point in your career, have been to your success.

I don’t have a specific list of influences. I would say, for me, for a lot of my film work, especially after I was making My Big Fat French Wedding, it was so much about the art of film making; it was about how to make a film in a way that was pleasing to the eye and it was also about working with the filmmaker and trying to

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