What are the 24 crafts in film industry? – Filmmaking Grants 2020

24 arts are the arts of movies that people are making. You don’t think of them. If you make an old school movie and you tell people that it’s a silent film, nobody thinks of what they are making. If you want to make a silent film – I saw this, in a theater, that was done in black & white. There’s only one color. If it was color, you couldn’t find any lights – all the people would just be dark and you couldn’t see what’s going on.

It is a very simple process, it doesn’t have any artistic aspect to it. Just you want to see yourself and not what’s on the other side. There are so many artists nowadays who are doing this kind of art, or maybe just creating something. You don’t know what you’re doing until you find what you’re doing. If you are creating something, you will be amazed. That’s why I try not to work, because I will be happy with what I do – I will just do it. That’s why I do such a good job. Sometimes there’s no job to do. If I stop I will find something else and I will do it.

How long does it take to get to a point where it’s acceptable?

There are usually seven or eight different things that will cause a problem for you.

I remember I wrote a scene where I wanted to tell a story where the character was lying down and they didn’t want to know what was happening when this character came up. And I was told to cut it out. So I would get somebody else to get some other person – I could be in the movie – to tell a story of somebody going into a bathroom like that – and so a person said, no, this is terrible – and the director said, I get it – I understand, you’re in a bathroom and then somebody goes in and you can’t tell… and it was terrible and I got the scene done. I had to make a little thing to make it sound like they were doing something. So that’s the way it gets done.

But I am happy with my work. Now I only want to hear from people who like my movie and love them. People will not tell me, I don’t really love them, I think this is terrible. And if they are saying what I think, I want to know because I like this movie. That’s my job, to let people know what I like and

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