How do I become a successful filmmaker? – Modern Techniques Of Capital Budgeting Ppt

Make yourself a goal, and start your journey. In the case of me, it would be to set up a Kickstarter campaign to get “Fantastic Beasts 3″ into theaters. I have an entire library of films that all look terrific on the big screen; it’s just time to start making them. If there happens to be some sort of crowdfunding project that allows me to do that, that would be great. I have had several conversations regarding what can be done for a feature film, but the money to make them would never materialize. It seems like a difficult dream to have—the goal, the goal—that the goal itself will never materialize.

For my dream, I want to make films in which the whole world is involved. There would have to be a massive global production team to be able to pull off something like this, even if I had a $100 million budget. I would want to create films like The Wolf Of Wall Street which I couldn’t pull off at the small budget that I have now. That kind of dream would require multiple years to make them, and while I would like to make them sooner than later, that’s not the way life works.
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In fact, the last film that I could make at $100k was 2010′ The Green Mile: the money went to film school, it was a great project, but the result was mediocre. I tried a few times over the years, but nothing came of it. I want an epic or epic-looking story with tons and tons of action, and I can’t make it. But that doesn’t mean I’m not hopeful, I’m not depressed, it doesn’t mean I don’t hope. It just means I have to be realistic.

I will not accept the “can’t” status anymore. It has to be a reality of where you’re trying to put your film and your work. So if there is an opportunity for my dreams, I’m open to it. I want to be a filmmaker who is able to make films for other filmmakers to watch.

That’s probably a goal that’s pretty hard for most people—that you can’t do. So, just keep going, keep writing. Every so often you’ll reach and you feel very fulfilled and it will go up the mountain. I think to myself, “How cool is the possibility that I get to tell a story in my own film, that I get to put an entire narrative into a film that nobody would have watched

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