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We can say that video editors make more money than most. In fact, it almost seems like video editors in general are able to survive on video editing jobs more than most people. Most people make about $9,000 a year, some are making $20,000. It’s a pretty wide range of pay. You can find one in film school or in a big budget production company, or you can get a job on the side as a freelancer. The thing is, most working professionals have never been in this position before. What would a regular freelancer do if they lost $50,000 a year? And what would they do with most of it? For the majority, it would be to go work for a larger company.

This may look like a great career choice, but it’s not really. First consider what kind of position a freelancer has. Does someone have a video editor job? A TV editor job? A television director job? You’re likely to never get a job like this again. Most video editors work a part-time, seasonal job, working three-day weeks and only getting one or two days a week to do actual work. On top of that, there are often people at the company making more money. For example, a production manager who makes $60,000 a year can make a lot more if they work for a company with 500 staffers, or even if they get lucky and land a job at a big studio.

A video editor who makes a couple thousand dollars a year and can’t leave the company at the end of the year does not make a good video editor. A video editor who works for a company with ten thousand employees, or a team of video editors working five days a week, makes a poor video editor. But a large, well-paying video editor is a good choice if you can afford it. The other thing is that video editors get promoted very quickly. If you are a seasoned video editor, you can almost always get to be one of the senior video editors by becoming a senior director, since that is the most important job in the industry. You’ll then get to work in all of the projects at the company, which will help accelerate your growth as a video editor. This is a great way to make a lot of money while still having fun and making a better video than your coworkers.

Why Are Video Editors So Bad?

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