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I have been fortunate enough to work for several people who have helped shape my career along the way.

First and foremost, my mentors and advisors have been directors James A. Michener (A Dangerous Method) and Paul Schrader. Both men were instrumental in my career and, with whom I have collaborated on numerous other projects (The Green Mile, Wall Street), I consider it one of my proudest accomplishments. James and Paul are both accomplished film directors of great vision and craft and have taken a lot of risks with film. I am honored to work with the pair.

To complement James’ work, during the filming of Red State I was often encouraged by my father, a master filmmaker himself, to continue my studies to become a director. In fact, he encouraged me to pursue my filmmaking dreams. Not only did my father’s help pave the way for me to continue my filmmaking career, he taught me that a passion for filmmaking can flourish and blossom as a business endeavor, and I was inspired and fortunate to learn that at a very young age when I was given the chance to direct in The Green Mile, and with some wonderful mentors I’ve worked with since then, and whose wisdom and experience have truly helped shape the film.

Through these folks (in addition to my direct mentors), I became a film director. It was a journey from the smallest role in small theaters all the way to an Oscar-winning film with the power to change the world, in the span of a few short years.

When did you realize that filmmaking was a career? Was it an idea while you were a kid? Was it something that you felt was interesting or rewarding?

It was definitely an interesting and fulfilling career! During my teen years I did most of the editing on My Best Friend’s Wedding, which I can’t remember the exact role that went to, but I remember having tremendous fun editing all this funny stuff on a tiny screen and writing a lot of jokes on the fly, and writing and editing some pretty good acting in it too! I also worked on a lot of movies I wasn’t excited to direct, but thought I could at least do well with it. For me personally it was a great thrill and an amazing way to learn the craft and grow as an actor.

But it took a few years and some amazing mentors (such as Sam Raimi) to get me to the point that I’ve reached and where I am now.

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