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Is it too hard? Does your life have too much of a pressure to conform to what’s expected of


The pressure of taking another kind of job is the biggest stress. It’s always the case with me. I’ve never thought about the pressure of working. Every time I put my head down, I’m thinking, “How could I not say that? How can I take someone else’s idea, use it in this context and still come at it from my creative point of view, but take it a little faster?” That’s where I’m at right now. The pressure of taking a job isn’t a barrier right now in my life.

What else did you do that really helped you feel fresh?

I did a lot of work with people that I’ve always loved and people that are my friends. So a lot of people that I have close friends with and the ones that I went to school with also.

You always try to take a more mature perspective. You had the opportunity to get to play in a band. You’ve got to be careful of over-emphatic self criticism. You have to do a lot of work on your self-esteem and just making sure that you’re making decisions not because you’ve made too many of them.

Citigroup announced Monday that it will be closing its financial services offices in Washington, D.C., after the city failed to show up for a series of meetings over its handling of mortgage-backed securities.

It’s possible the moves will cause thousands of jobs to become extinct in the nation’s capital.

Washington is the nation’s capital for business and finance, so the loss of a significant portion of it’s jobs will reverberate all the way into the suburbs of Boston, New York and Los Angeles. (Related: “Mortgage Bonds Are a Biggest Risk to America.”)

Citi CEO Vikram Pandit said the move, which he made last week, was about “doing what’s right for our clients’ futures and businesses and the financial services infrastructure of our nation’s capital.”

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“We’ve learned a lot about ourselves through this process,” Pandit told reporters Monday. “We know that there’s more that can be done to do a better job of integrating the two areas.”

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The news comes a few days ahead of scheduled city elections, in which the District is a key battleground. It’s the first time since a bankruptcy judge decided to

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