Is executive producer higher than producer? – Digital Anatomy

A no.



We get the production of the first season. We did, but not for the second. We put them in their place. We did that on “House.” On that one, we had someone who was very well prepared. It took him a few episodes to find out how to work with the cast and crew. It takes a little while. We did that on “Bones.”

What was it about the first season it took for you to see the writing on the wall?

I think when I first read the script I was not expecting it to be good. I think it took some time for you just to get a taste of the show and understand what the show is about.

Do you have any favorites of all the actors who appear?

No, because I’ve seen most of the actors. It’s interesting because I see a lot of people I grew up with and still friends with. It’s interesting to see other people play the same part you played. I got to meet a lot of the actors from the show.

The most surprising thing you’ve seen on set and how has it developed?

It’s a lot of different things. We were filming the “Bones” scene and I was walking down a hallway and I happened to catch something. It was a piece of a puzzle in a drawer. It was my first time seeing that. As we were filming, there was a lot of things happening. Some people were shooting. I saw some of the set happen. I heard some of their voices. There are a few things that surprise me.

You haven’t been in “Dr. Ken” before?

No. Not “Dr. Ken” yet.

The show has a very strong cast of young actors. What sort of challenges did it represent for you and your family as an actor?

I don’t think it helped, but I’ve certainly experienced a lot of actors and people have been like “What are you doing? Are you serious?” As of now, when people know me, I’m pretty genuine. I don’t think it really affected my professional relationships, at least in that respect.

Is there something different about working with an already established series like “Dr. Ken” than with an ensemble show?

It’s not that difficult to become familiar. As an actor, if you’re not used to that show, people can’t really

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