How do I become an indie filmmaker? – Filmmaking Tips In Hindi

You have to first be able to say, “I want to make films”. Then be able to create and finance yourself. I can only give you one tip: be patient and don’t waste time. The best people in the industry take a long time to decide if they want to make films, and if they do they will take years to get into making films because they want to see themselves in the movies. Be prepared to think you don’t know how to make film.

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I am an English professor, how do I become an indie filmmaker?

You need to be able to read and write. You also need to be able to work with English as this will allow you to communicate faster and is therefore much more likely to get a job as a film-maker. You want to get all these skills so then it’s a real challenge to try becoming an Indie Cinema maker. However, it’s the most useful step.

How do I get more people to support my productions?

You need to be able to get funding on your own. If money is difficult to come by, you need to be able to get support from industry people. You need some contacts in the industry but only if you have something special to offer, which you do not have the financial means to offer. Do not think of these as just people who support films they like, but like the people who will invest money into your projects.

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How can I get more people interested in my films and productions?

One of the biggest opportunities you don’t have the money to provide is to get your film, the project you are funding, out into the world. But don’t let that stop you. If there is someone who cares, they will look at your film and see it. And if your film does well in Hollywood, then they will want to work with you. Don’t just have a pitch video. Write out some of the reasons why you want to make your film. Your film will tell people you want to make it.

You can take your pitch to an industry person who can give you feedback and if you think it is really good or something that is not working or something it needs, then go to the studio, say this idea is going to be bigger than it sounds and get them to give you their blessing. You can have your film screened

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