Can short films make money? – Filmmaking Course For Beginners

We like Short Film Sundays on YouTube because of its audience of about 5,000 people. It lets people view short films for free while learning about their stories, so it gives us the opportunity to connect directly with people. There’s an incredible amount of people interested in film. If people want to make short films, it’s probably not going to happen.

Can this be used to make a film about a more global issue?

You could imagine if it had been made in India, it would have been a huge hit and a lot of people got inspired by it. There’s an awful lot of people in the world who haven’t been allowed to make films.

Can this be combined with The Great Global Storytelling Project?

The Great Global Storytelling Project, which was the first one of its kind in the world, was a big success and we’re hoping that this project has an opportunity for others. We are looking at the people who have been so good at telling stories through photography, through digital technology and film, and making films on the Internet.

What are some ways we can apply this model to work internationally?

We have a film lab in the office. We have a bunch of people who have done it successfully in some places, but not in others. We’re looking to get those people through to other countries. If they make good films, they could become ambassadors for filmmaking if we choose to use them.

Do you need an international experience?

We are really interested in reaching a global audience, and the idea that we can work together in such a way with people who have not done this before is really exciting. Our aim is to work with people who can make a difference.

The Great Global Storytelling Project

Founded in 2008, The Great Global Storytelling Project is a collaboration between filmmakers, artists and technologists worldwide. Based in Mumbai, India, the project promotes the creation – through photography, digital technology and filmmaking – of visually rich, short film which are then shared online with the world. It was established in the wake of the global financial crisis that devastated the world economy in 2008, leading to large-scale disruption and recession. It was led by the Centre for Media Transformation-India, a leading non-profit agency of the international non-profit organisation, M-Pesa, in response to the challenge of connecting the world. In India alone it has been used to support more than 40,000 projects.


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