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That’s a good question. I think I’m very fortunate in a lot of ways. First off, my great grandfather was a photographer, and he lived in Philadelphia, so I came to my father’s house once in a while, and I was very much a big fan. My grandparents were not great filmmakers of their time, but they gave me a huge amount to absorb. So I guess there are aspects of filmmaking that my father could do, but I know my father had to put his filmmaking career first in order to get me out of school. I think he had a lot to say about it, but it was more a personal thing, and a personal choice of mine. I was born in Los Angeles. I was raised by my mother in Los Angeles, a place where people were very much into photography and film at the time. My father worked a bit in Los Angeles because, at that time, there wasn’t a lot of support for anybody in the arts or culture. He had a different career and a different lifestyle.

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How did you know you wanted to do this?

I was probably five or six — I remember I was very much still quite young — but there was a film I came across of the war in Vietnam when I was a kid. That was kind of the beginning. It was really interesting. You know, it was a war, and people are going to die from the war, and you know, I think you can make a documentary looking at the war that’s taking place. Then you start watching movies like “Band of Brothers” and “The Thin Blue Line” and “American Graffiti,” and how the war affects you from the outside. And that’s what made me want to do it, to show another side of it. And I think it’s really just what you want out of an experience, you know? To be able to look at it from a different perspective. And then I went to USC, and they gave me a BFA in documentary of all things, and I thought, “Oh, that’s my kind of film.” I think you’ll find the same thing with my film — I’m not trying to make a political statement, I’m not trying to be subversive; I’m just giving people some things that they may like, and then looking into how these particular political elements are connected to the history that we’re trying to get across.

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