Do you need a college degree to be a film director? – Filmmaking Techniques Tone Worksheets For 5Th Grade

Yeah, I do. My first job out of high school was as a script reader and the other thing I could do well was get into film school. I had the opportunity and they were giving out internships and film school programs.

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My senior year I got the opportunity to join an acting program and I went with the program because it was a great experience. It was after I graduated from college and I started doing commercials and then as the years went by I went off to film school. I got an associate’s degree in film and TV and then my associate’s in theater and TV. When I quit school I thought about how I could maybe get a movie directing job and I thought about where I could be as a director and went to the acting program and studied acting. They told me I would need a master’s in acting in order to get into the film school program. They recommended me but I didn’t have anything really to offer except the fact that I worked on the sets and so I accepted and then was admitted to go to film school. I graduated in 1998, about two years after I got my diploma and started on my first movie to be a director and a producer.

Was it harder going to acting school.

It was hard for a number of reasons but I think it gave me a lot of confidence to follow my heart and make another movie. I just had this great sense of curiosity and enthusiasm about filmmaking that I had. It got me to the point of thinking about writing and directing my own movie. I had a script and I was shooting it and the first idea was it would be a western. I shot the first script but it was not really what I wanted so I kind of just shut it down and never wrote another script. I guess I was frustrated in the process but I didn’t think it was something I could make any further.

Were you ever offered the chance to direct a film?

Yeah, I got offered directing a little bit before I got an offer to direct. I would have been willing to get another movie going but I don’t know if they would have offered me the opportunity in the future because I was making this one right now. I was doing the movies I was directing at that time and so even if I was offered an opportunity it might have been a little too late to make it but I would have had a certain amount of freedom if I hadn’t done this particular movie.

If I was to do it now it would probably be

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