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This is an open question! It takes a lot of creative hard work to write a high-stakes scene or even an entire movie… but the amount of money paid out is enormous in this case. And this is even more true for the director of the film. The film studio, Fox, can command tens of millions of dollars per project. So a film must be perfect, and it must be in cinemas and on TV. If things don’t work out this way, Fox can cut a deal with the studio to release the film in China, which is usually cheaper and more lucrative for the studio than the US. But the risk is there if this does happen. If you haven’t signed a deal in the US yet, it may be tempting to take a chance on China: an inexpensive opportunity to get a film in to the theatres, and then a larger audience in the future. But, if things don’t work out too well, as they certainly did with “Deadpool,” you could be stuck with a less-than-perfect product. So, as is a natural step in all of this, the director would like to get together with the studios and seek help, before the film gets green-lit.

The other key difference between movies in the US and China is that China doesn’t have the same film tax breaks or government subsidies. And as the New York Times’ John Lee Anderson noted, “[S]ome of the country’s biggest media companies, including China’s biggest, Alibaba, are using the ‘China loophole’ to pay little or no U.S. movie taxes by shifting profits to other overseas tax havens. That advantage will be lost if Congress passes new changes, as expected before the Nov. 8 election.”

With all these restrictions, Fox has its hands full. While the film industry in China is expected to rise another 12%, Fox had a rough year in 2014, losing $1 billion in earnings when its most popular titles fell short of expectations and cannibalised their overseas markets.

It’s clear that the big problems facing Fox in China aren’t new. They’ve been there for years. But these days, the issues are being made even worse. Just look at what’s been happening to one of the biggest film companies on earth.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption There will be no shortage of visitors in the park: the park has a visitor centre, cafes and snack bars

A £12m, 12,000-seat stadium for the Northern Ireland FA was officially opened

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