Can a director also be a producer? – Nyc Digital Images For.Sale

Yes, and here’s why.

Produce (an in-house term created for the production side of a production company) is sometimes called “team” or “team management,” as in producing the movie together with a director, producing the soundtrack, being “team producer/sound designer,” or being “team director.” The word production, however, can have a different meaning: an individual who produces a production and/or the production company itself. So, here’s the catch. If you’re making a film as part of a production company, you’re doing “team production” because you aren’t the one making the movie, and you’re doing it alone.

If you are working in both directions

If your company is making the movie and the director/sound guy is working part of the time, either you can still call yourself a producer or a producer/director. You simply need to do your own thing with as few people as possible. For example, this is the logic behind why we sometimes see directors as producer/team and directors as director and composer. They can’t both be. They’re separate people who are working side by side, and it’s important to separate them.

If the director needs the soundtrack written for him/her (if the soundtrack is in-house only), just call yourself the assistant producer.

Doing it all yourself

It’s pretty simple. The reason is for two reasons:

We’re all human, so we get stressed out by things, so we put it off until later. If I worked under the same person, I would definitely know how to handle his/her schedule. Plus, I’m happy with the situation for now. You need to be your own boss and be able to pick up the slack. Having this independent mindset is part of what gives you a lot more creative freedom, not just on your movie but also your personal life too.

If you’re making films for clients too

What if I have some personal projects I want to run? What if I need a team of writers, a colorist, something like that? Do I have to hire a company to manage them?

To answer you, here’s a little business 101: if you want to run a business, you need to hire an accountant, a lawyer, an accountant. If you don’t do your own, you’re stuck with someone else, who might say, “That guy I’m working for is too expensive for

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