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Graffiti started in 1989 when the first graffiti artists started to appear on the streets of South Africa’s capital city, Pretoria. According to the National Graffiti Archives (nga) there were around 4,000 graffiti artists in 1994. By 1993 there were about 600,000 graffiti artists in South Africa. By 1998 there were about 1.4 million – that was an increase of over 80% in an almost 12-year period.

However, the first graffiti artists were not all South Africans. The most famous of them (though probably the most prolific) was German graffiti master, Graffiti Artist Rudolf Koehler. From 1981 to 1994, he painted about 1.5 million pieces of graffiti in the UK and Europe. Many of these pieces became famous on the internet and gained media coverage as the “greatest and most creative” paintings ever painted.

The first person to publish books of his own works (known as “graffiti books”) is Graffiti artist, Graffiti artist, Rudolf Koehler – who wrote and published the book Graffiti, the origins of the art.

What was the history of graffiti and the impact it has had?

Graffiti has been around for nearly 50 years. Around 10 years ago, Graffiti artist Rudolf Koehler began to take part in the street art scene by painting around London. In the same year he painted his first large scale work which inspired the name “koehler.” Since then, other artists have begun to use the name. Koehler’s work influenced the works of other graffiti artists throughout the world, such as American graffiti painter John G. Ziegler (aka King Koon), who has been painted all over the world in graffiti art.

The last decade has seen a marked increase in graffiti artists in South Africa. Graffiti artists from different countries are now able to collaborate and share their creativity as far as the outside world is concerned. Graffiti artists from different countries have also started a trend of writing in different languages. One of the earliest known graffiti writers, Koehler, was of Swedish immigrant origins. He used his first hand written and handwritten book, the Graffiti: a short guide to the art, as inspiration.

How is it different from the art of the past when viewed through modern perspectives?

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When it comes down to it there are several parts of the arts that are similar in some respect and have a lot in common.

One common element is the

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