How much do spray paint artists make? – Spray Paint Techniques For Art

I think a good rule to tell if you get paid very well by anyone:

1: Are you a professional?

A professional spray painter has a degree and a long career to draw on. They spend hours learning how to apply paint on the model and their skills develop over time. Most have experience working on the likes of Cadian and Imperial Guard models so they have a thorough knowledge of the model they are painting.

2: Do you have a portfolio to show off?

If no, you’re a beginner. Professional spray painters have a portfolio of high quality work to show off.

3: Do you work with a model builder?

If no, then you’re probably doing it without giving a toss about the model you are painting.

4: Do you have work in an independent paint shop?

If no, then you are painting your work with a friend or you have a model builder who will work with you.

Some people don’t work with a model builder and get paid on commission; others do – and not everyone gets paid for their paint work.

5: Do you paint on your own?

If you are paying someone more than you, chances are you can afford to do it yourself.

6: What are the skills you are getting from the job?

This is one of the really important questions – it’s very important to get a good understanding of whether you’re being paid well or poorly on an assignment. If you think you’re being paid well, then you’re probably doing it on a good model.

7: How much painters are paid?

Painters generally have full time jobs and a decent rate of pay so this makes them more likely to get paid well in the first place.

If you don’t have good work and a full time job, then you’re more likely to be paid less than if you can afford to work for yourself.

Some people believe artists can get work on projects for free, and others think a model painter should have a minimum amount of budget for what works well. This is a debate still being fought today with paint jobs and custom paintings being an area that is booming.

7-8) What advice would you give to someone like yourself who has a bad luck painting job where they don’t earn very much?

I think the biggest takeaway from learning to paint is learning that no one is going to pay you extra money

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