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A woman in the UK has been crowned her first British pole champion after a long-haul journey around the country to beat her male rival who had spent his whole life pole dancing and only recently discovered the art form a few weeks ago.

Najee Ali, 29, was voted as the winner of the inaugural championship of the Great North Pole Dance competition in Dungeness, Washington, USA on Friday.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, the mother-of-two’s father Khayru Ali told AFP he was blown away when he went to the Great North Pole Dance Championships.

“I had never even heard of pole dancing,” he said.

“I had been doing it for a few years before that. He’d never seen me do it, and he just went in and saw for himself.”

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The father-of-two initially met up with his son after his win, but told AP that Khayru Ali told the story.

“It sounds a little crazy. It’s pretty far out, and we’d never done it before,” Khayru Ali said of the meeting and the contest, which will go on until September.

“But that’s not really the point, as far as we’re concerned.”

Najee has competed successfully at pole-dance events in Germany, Finland and the United Kingdom before she headed to Dungeness.

“It’s a great experience,” she told the WSJ. “I am very proud. I am really looking forward to this week.”

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