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Can you do a pole dance barefoot? Is it okay to wear an extra pair of pants over your bikini top? Is the only acceptable reason to participate in pole dancing that it’s so you can “see what it’s like?” This question is going to haunt you every single time. No, seriously, ask about it, at least once and find out.

I should also mention that my favorite part of pole dancing (especially as opposed to running) is when a girl takes his clothes off for me and it truly is like having sex with a woman. Most of the time, pole dancing is the one sport that helps me unwind from any bad mood, and it also forces me to actually work out. I’ve found if you do a couple of different workouts, like a few pullups and two sets of pushups, you can use the sweat glands and blood vessels in your body to boost your strength, burn fat, feel healthy and make it a lot easier to stay motivated when you’re trying to make a run on “The Price is Right” with your pals, and generally get your heart pumping. And once you start pole dancing, all I can say is….you have my absolute adoring heart. Thank you pole dancing!

But hey…I do like to stay fit! Do you?

If you are currently working in a job that requires you to wear your gym clothes, then it’s time to pack. You’re going to want to pack a yoga mat, a few sweatshirts, a towel, some gym shoes (if you’re going to do any walking and/or standing exercises), and some other workout clothes. If you have a personal trainer for workout time, then you will want to bring the other gym clothes they use (they can get pricey, however, so if you do decide to bring the gym clothes, then don’t be afraid to throw a few extra of them in the closet…I’ll admit, I’m crazy for that…).

I hope this article has given some clarity on the basics of pole dancing. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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