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Yes? Well, maybe. Some of the people who take the dance classes said that they feel that there are other benefits besides a lot of money. For example, they said they like giving up any responsibility of going out with other people. They love getting paid so much, they’re willing to go back to a time when they didn’t get paid. And some said they’re looking forward to getting older and having the freedom to be self-sufficient again. “The whole thing has given me such a sense of freedom. I can do what my heart wants,” said one young man who was a college student. “I’ve enjoyed it since I hit 21 and I’m going on 30.”

But, a major concern is that these dancing classes would not be available for everyone, nor be free. Most people working in adult entertainment say that they would struggle to pay for them. So, the question has come up before: Should dancers be able to work for themselves?

Many say no. For example, they said there have not been any studies on the benefits as it relates to health. They said that many people are concerned about the safety of the dancers themselves and that they want to make sure that they do not leave dangerous situations. Others said that working with women without consent would be like going to the movies in public places and there would be some kind of security.

How do we stop abuse of the dancers?

Some dancers don’t have much freedom and work for a living. But many also say that they are just the latest victims to be exploited. The only way to stop abuses is to pay some real money.

“If this is what they do for a living, then I feel like paying for it,” one man said. “Some days I feel kind of helpless to do anything about it.”

In fact, some industry workers have actually told the Los Angeles Times they would be willing to negotiate working conditions for money. “As long as they don’t take me to jail and put me on the street, I’m willing to work,” said one dancer.

The question is, would you feel safer if you could make money doing something really dangerous?

The answer: Absolutely, says New York law professor Jeffrey Anderson. Anderson says that one of the dangers to young people entering adult film is the level of danger. “These young people don’t need to be on porn sets. You need to be outside, you need to be outside in a confined space, you need

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