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What about no pole? In case we’re still unclear. Here are the three arguments that have been brought up over the years:

It is more difficult to maintain the same speed during flight because of less drag, but this is an illusion!

The difference in force will be minimal when the force vector is equal to zero.

The rotation of the sphere may be considered to be a rotational acceleration

Let’s get into the argument against spin. The first problem is that it has a very hard time doing what we want in order to generate spin:
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A simple spinning ball produces a constant speed but does not move when it is tossed. The spinning ball is more difficult to spin.

There are many things that spin do but have different effects compared to a simple spinning ball.

To see what spin does, we can compare the basic force with the force at rest:

A great example of spin (as described in the previous sections) is the motion of a spring. A spring may have a constant or a variable acceleration, but it is only a spring that always gives an accurate force.

In contrast, when flying a plane on a fixed airspeed, there is no constant acceleration, so the only thing we can do is to find the force that will produce our flying action. This force will be called the ground force. There are two kinds of such forces: static and dynamic. Static forces are independent of the mass of the object in question and always behave as expected. Dynamic forces can change on the fly, but the changes will be small relative to the static force. The example of the plane’s dynamic wing shows how the static and dynamic forces are very different. It should be kept in mind however that static force does not always mean static speed.

For the reasons stated above the static force depends on the mass of the object in question and the relative velocity, but also on the speed of the object. As long as the mass is kept constant, in other words, the velocity is constant the magnitude of the dynamic force will be small.

To produce the dynamic force we have to find the relative velocity for a given mass, but, as discussed in the previous section, the magnitude of that force depends on the relative velocity. Let’s assume the object in question has a constant mass of m, but let’s also assume that m and the distance r from the center represent the speed u = r/V.

Let’s work out this problem using the equation

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