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When asked this question, people are more likely to say: “Yes, a spinning pole is better”, but when asked to imagine two poles that either spin or tilt in the same direction, people are more likely to imagine that the poles could move in different directions (see Figure 3). This finding is important since it demonstrates the importance of visual information in predicting how people will answer this simple question. More than one-third of the participants who were told that they would receive a gift from the person who made them a “very good” impression on the basis of their impression report more favorable views when they are given the opportunity to explain their view than when they are given no opportunity to do so, indicating that they are influenced by their visual experience more than would people who think more deeply about the situation. These findings indicate that in some circumstances, the visual experience is important for people to convey their meaning and feelings; in other circumstances, it is not.
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Figure 3. An Example of An Explanation From ‘The Art of Giving and Receiving’. It is important for the participants’ visual experience – to understand who you are and what it means to you, to see which of the other person’s actions indicate that the other person is a good person, and to have good expectations coming from you that you can’t give. When asked about the purpose of the gift, participants are more likely to say that it is a means of helping the recipient to accomplish their task, but when asked to imagine what the gift is and what the gift does, participants are less likely to describe it as a means of helping. This results in the recipient having no idea what the gift might mean to the person giving it, even though they do not know you. There also appears to be a “pinch-point” as to when the visual experience matters the most.

Another feature of this experiment that is striking is that participants who experienced a better impression of a stranger (or the opposite in the case of strangers) were not as likely to answer an “I know no reason why I am answering this question” question the next day, as those who were “under more stress” (as measured by the total amount of questions asked). These results are supported by the third, perhaps more important finding (i.e. that the visual experience of the gift and the importance of it are related). As participants were asked to describe what would happen once they were able to give the gift, those who saw the other persons reaction to the gift more “pinch-

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