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How about what they are earning? The answer to that is far less than it seems. For example, just to get a job as a pole dancer, a person would have to work 16 hours per day for a year straight, 7 days of the week. That is to say, the work done by pole dancers is in fact done for their living. That’s not to say the work is difficult and dangerous, but the danger they get into is for the most part to do with the use of their bodies and their own physical limitations as well as the limitations of the human body. If anyone tries to deny the validity of “working for the entertainment of others,” then the answer is that it’s a lot tougher to go to a job where you’re being paid for what you are doing because it requires a lot of “work” on your part. The reality is that in order to make a living out of performing, you actually can’t. People who want to dance need to put a lot of time and energy and energy into the craft of what they are doing; it takes a lot on you, not just time and energy and skill work. No one can compete with the amount of time and energy and skill needed to make a successful career out of their work that is done for the enjoyment of those around them.

The cost is not the only thing to consider, either. In addition to costs like food, lodging, fuel, clothing, and a paycheck, it’s important to consider that a job outside the dance world is a pretty expensive way of living. For example, someone might be hired to work at a fast-food outlet, or a bar. It’s not just the wage you could make if you were to live outside of dance to feed a family of four, there’s the cost of all the energy, and all the food, as well as the fuel needed to get you through the day. The same goes for a job working in a warehouse, as well. That means that unless you have a lot of money for yourself and for your family, there’s not a whole lot of room in your life to give this sort of work your total attention. A job outside the dance world is a huge drain on your time, energy, resources and time investment.

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And then there’s the fact that most (though not all) pole dancers live on very minimal incomes. The typical income for a pole dancer today is somewhere around $25-50/week for basic necessities that includes rent, phone, bills, utilities

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