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She must be crazy enough to not mind…

You’re just here, and you’re a crazy one…

This is really a great game. I really like the original game and wanted to do my version on paper, so I have. I have no idea how the game could be any better… well, maybe it’s better to play it than play it. It was fun to make, and I don’t think it has to be a very complex game.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The Obama administration called on the Federal Reserve to increase its interest rate target to at least 2 percent and said it was open to keeping the central bank’s benchmark interest rate unchanged.

The Fed, the U.S. central bank, made the statement on Wednesday, while reiterating the need to manage long-term interest rates as they have been adjusted in response to the recession.

“As for the ultimate policy rate, the FOMC has concluded that the current path is appropriate — and perhaps necessary — as the labor market has improved and inflation is gradually approaching the Committee’s longer-run objective,” said Fed Vice Chair Stanley Fischer.

Fischer and the Fed’s policy committee will meet again in December.

The comments will be considered a signal that the Fed will not do more. President Obama’s economic advisers have been urging him to be open to raising rates higher to help the economy in ways that could include more emergency unemployment benefits and a boost to unemployment insurance.

The Fed has repeatedly said it is not close to those goals, but has kept the benchmark federal funds rate at around 0.5% for nearly two years despite a weak job market. It has also said the Fed’s balance sheet will grow for two more years.

Fischer added that the new statements could provide further direction at the Fed, but that the Fed has not been swayed by political pressure.
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“The FOMC is not going to do anything that causes the market to question whether rate hikes on their own are a path to a more accommodative path, at which point monetary policy might return to the FOMC’s longer-run equilibrium at or above the current level of risks,” he said.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World is a video game developed by NIS America for the Nintendo 3DS. Originally announced by Bandai Namco on May 7, 2012, the game’s first details and screenshots have since been unveiled at G-Star 2014.

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